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September 28 2016, 7:12AM

gerd janson // monday 3.10

Monday 3rd at the Breakfast Club – Gerd Janson (Running Back), Amir Egozy, David Elimelech. Milk Bar – Uriah Klapter.031016-03-01-01

September 28 2016, 7:10AM

saturday // 31.9

Saturday 31th at the Breakfast Club – Hyenah (Watergate), Roni Amitai, Sheymus K, Adam Ten. Milk Bar with Dan Orbach and Roy Shpilman.011016_POSTER-01

September 28 2016, 7:08AM // friday 30.9

Friday 30th at the Breakfast Club – Alex.Do (Dystopian) All-Nighter. Milk Bar – Ofri Goffer & Amir Egozy.


September 27 2016, 7:03AM

thursday // 29.9

Thursday 29th – Autarkic (Live), Amir Egozy, Uriah Klapter and Narkis Tepler at the Breakfast Club. Milk bar with Jonathan Sharoni & Ofir Toker. 


September 26 2016, 7:02AM

wednesday // 28.9

Wednesday 28th at the Breakfast Club – Yogo , Ofri Goffer, Yaniv Ohana. Milk Bar – Amit Atias and Darel Granoth.


September 25 2016, 6:59AM

tuesday // 27.9

Tuesday 27th – Mor Elian and Omer & Shaked at the Breakfast Club. Milk Bar with Mesh, Ori Shochat and Moshik.


September 21 2016, 5:36AM

horse meat disco // friday 23.9

Severino and James Hillard of Horse Meat Disco will play at the breakfast Club on Friday 23rd, supported by locals Amichay Matyas and David Elimelech. Nadal Yahalomi and Tai & i will back them at the Milk Bar. Listen to Horse Meat Disco’s six hour live set at the Phonox Brixton recorded some months ago -