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May 23 2016, 8:54AM

lawrence (dial records) // friday 26.5

Hamburg’s leading dj and producer Lawrence (Dial Records) is coming to play at the Breakfast Club on Friday 26th, next to residents Amir Egozy and Ofri Goffer. Darel Granoth and Alek Lee will back them up at the Milk Bar. Listen to Lawrence’s 7th album ‘Yoyogi Park’ released about two month ago -

May 22 2016, 8:38AM

max jones (correspondant, mx) // thursday 25.5

Mexican dj and producer Max Jones is coming over to play at the Breakfast Club on Thursday 25th, together with residents Uriah Klapter and Narkis Tepler. Eyal Rob and Niv Hadas will take over the Milk Bar. Listen to Max Jones’s debut EP ‘Cornetto’ released through Correspondant - 

May 21 2016, 8:36AM

wednesday // 24.5

On Wednesday 24th we have Tal Cohen and Yogo playing at the Breakfast Club + Dan Orbach at the Milk Bar.


May 20 2016, 8:33AM

tuesday // 24.5

Classic Tuesday 24th at the Breakfast Club with residents Stephan Bazbaz, Omer & Shaked, Adi Noy and Moshik. 


May 17 2016, 6:57AM

reza athar // thursday 19.5

Thursday residents Uriah Klapter and Amir Egozy are hosting dj Reza Athar (De Marktkantine, nl) on Thursday 19th. Kevin Azoulay and Stinky Kiril will support at the Milk Bar. Listen to Reza Athar’s live set recorded at the DGTL Festival 2016 - 

May 17 2016, 6:52AM

wednesday // 18.5

On Wednesday 18th we have residents Yaniv Ohana and Sean Doron playing at the Breakfast Club. Darel Granoth is hosting Yovav Arzi at the Milk Bar. Doors open 10pm. 180516-01-01

May 17 2016, 6:50AM

tuesday // 17.5

Adi Shabat and Stephan Bazbaz are playing at the Breakfast Club on Tuesday 17th. At the Milk Bar – Yuval Medina and And Tova Swed. See you at 10pm.