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June 23 2016, 6:37AM

tripeo // avadon – friday 24.6

Avadon is opening its forth season with dj Tripeo, supported by resident Yotam Avni, and Shalom Zidan at the Milk Bar. Listen to Tripeo’s five hour live set recorded at the Under Club in Buenos Aires - 

June 23 2016, 6:33AM

thursday // 23.6

Naduve will play at the Breakfast Club on Thursday 23rd, supported by residents Amir Egozy and Uriah Klapter. At the Milk Bar – Hektic and Alek Lee. Listen to Naduve’s set for Rinse FM -

June 22 2016, 6:27AM

wednesday // 22.6

Wednesday 22nd at the Breakfast club with Yogo, Shlomi Zidan, Yaniv Ohana and Josef Laimon. 220616_POSTER-01-2

June 20 2016, 6:23AM

tuesday // 21.6

Tuesday 21th – Omer & Shaked and Stephan Bazbaz at the Breakfast Club. Michael Cohen and Adi Noy at the Milk Bar. 210616_POSTER-2

June 17 2016, 6:18AM

dj qu // friday 17.6

DJ QU will play at the Breakfast Club on Friday 17th, supported by resident Ofri Goffer. Tal Silberstein and Amichy Matyas will take over the Milk Bar. Listen to DJ QU’s live set recorded some days ago for NTS Radio - 

June 16 2016, 6:12AM

autarkic live // thursday 16.6

Autarkic will perform live at the Breakfast Club on Thursday 16.6. Local support – Amir Egozy and Uriah Klapter. Ofir Toker and Darel Granoth at the Milk Bar. 160616_POSTER - Copy-01-01

June 13 2016, 6:42AM

wednesday // 15.6

Wednesday 15th – Yogo and Tal Cohen at the Breakfast Club, Shahaf Yinnone and Michael Emet at the Milk bar. 150616_POSTER-01