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August 28 2016, 7:03AM

thursday // 1.9

Thursday with Ofri Goffer, Stephan Bazbaz and Amir Egozy at the Breakfast Club. You Sa’ar and Darel Granoth at the Milk bar. 


August 27 2016, 7:01AM

wednesday // 31.8

Wednesday 31th with Magit Cacoon (Upon.You) and Moshe Abutbul at the Breakfast Club. Shahaf Yinnone and Josef Laimon at the Milk Bar. 


August 26 2016, 6:58AM

tuesday // 30.8

On Tuesday 30th Stephan Bazbaz will host Galo at the Breakfast Club. Adi Noy and Yuval Medina at the Milk Bar.300816_POSTER


August 22 2016, 8:50AM

call super // friday 26.8

British dj/producer Call Super (Houndstooth) is heading over to play at the Breakfast Club on Friday 26th, supported by residents Ofri Goffer and Amir Egozy + Dase Boogie and Darel Granoth at the Milk Bar. Listen to Call Super’s guest mix for Benji B recorded some month ago for BBC Radio 1 - 

August 22 2016, 8:45AM

thursday // 25.8

Thursday 25th is about our residents Narkis Tepler and Uriah Klapter. Udi Niv (Anova) and Tomer Kariv (Hakatze radio) will take over the Milk bar. 


August 21 2016, 8:40AM

wednesday // 24.8

On Wednesday 24th we have Sahar Zangilevitch, Yogo and Naor Nurieli at the Breakfast Club, and Eyal Rob at the Milk Bar. 


August 20 2016, 8:38AM

tuesday // 23.8

Tuesday 23rd at the Breakfast Club – Asael Weiss and omer & Shaked. Mayan Rahamin and Adi Noy at the Milk Bar. 230816-0_POSTER-01