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July 25 2016, 6:39AM

dionne (smallville records) // friday 29.7

German producer and dj Dionne (Smallvile Records) is heading over to play at the Breakfast Club on Friday 29th, supported by locals Niv Hadas and Idit Frenkel. At the Milk Bar – Ofri Goffer is hosting Nadja. 13734881_1145326205538417_463099892476045637_o

July 25 2016, 6:31AM

thursday 28.7

Red Axes are playing at the Breakfast Club on Thursday 28th, with residents Amir Egozy and Narkis Tepler. At the Milk Bar – Darel Granoth and Aficoman.  280716_POSTER-01

July 24 2016, 6:29AM

wednesday 27.7

Wednesday 27th at the Breakfast Club with Hectik, Benji and Yaniv Ohana. Milk Bar with  Shahaf Yinnone and Josef Laimon. 


July 23 2016, 6:25AM

tuesday 26.7

Tuesday 26th at the Breakfast Club – Osadon & Stephan Bazbaz. Milk bar – Goosh Darway and Adi Noy. 


July 16 2016, 6:24PM

thursday // 21.7

Thursday 21h with residents Amir Egozy, Uriah Klapter and Narkis Tepler at the Breakfast Club. Kevin Azoulay and Salomon at the Milk Bar. 


July 15 2016, 6:22PM

wednesday // 20.7

Yogo, Shlomi Zidan and Sean Doron will play at the Breakfast Club on Wednesday 20st. Amit Attias will back them up at the Milk Bar. 200716_POSTER-01-01

July 14 2016, 6:19PM

tuesday // 19.7

Tuesday 19t at the Breakfast Club – Ray Harel, Omer & Shaked. Lava Dome and Adi Noy at the Milk Bar.